Installation steps

In order to use our service, there are some steps you should follow:

Everyday Use

Prepare Orders

In your everyday routine, you should follow the following steps:

  • From main Navigation choose Orders List and select the Platform you use.
  • Either synchronise all orders or search a specific order id using the search box.
  • In the first case, let a few minutes the system to fetch all new orders and update the old ones. Then press the Create Voucher button in each order to preview and create the vouchers. In case you have already ship an order or do not want to see it in the list you can Archive it.
  • All shipped or archived orders can be found in the Archive List, press the related button on the top of the page to review them.

Print Vouchers

After creating the vouchers for the orders you would like to ship, you should print the vouchers and the recipient list if needed by the courier provider.

  • From main Navigation choose Shipping Agencies and select the Shipping Agency you use.
  • Press the Print Vouchers button and select the vouchers you need to print. The PDF with the vouchers will be available for download in the system until midnight.
  • If needed by the selected courier provider, after preparing your shipments, print the recipient list from the same page.
  • In case you receive from the courier provider a daily list of paid C.O.D., you may import the xls file in the system to mark the related shipments as paid.