In order to connect Wordpress with our platform, follow the steps described below:

  1. Add a new platform integration in your AfterSalesPro panel
  2. Install AfterSalesPro plugin to your wordpress site
  3. Copy the API Key from AfterSalesPro panel to the wordpress plugin settings

1. Add integration in your AfterSalesPro Panel.

Add a new platform integration via Profile->Platforms section. User registration is required.

  • Select WooCommerce, and type your url including the prefix, without the trailing slash, i.e.
  • Copy the API Token that is required by the wordpress plugin.

2. Plugin installation

Download and install the plugin here.

3. Activation

After installation is completed:

  • Activate the plugin
  • Open plugin panel (AfterSalesPro menu item in Wordpress Admin Panel) and paste the API Token that you have copied earlier
  • Click on “Save” button